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The Kenya School of Law is established under the Kenya School of Law Act, No 26 of 2012. The School’s core function is to “be a public legal education provider responsible for the provision of professional legal training as an agent of the Government” The School specifically, offers the following services:
Advocates Training Programme:
The School trains persons desirous of becoming advocates under its Advocates Training Programme. The Programme is a vocational programme that equips students with the necessary lawyerly skills for legal practise. The School has students, from Kenya, East Africa and beyond. It is located in the serene environment of Karen, which affords students the much needed concentration. In addition it has an expansive library including e-resources, swimming pool and sports track that affords students the opportunity to engage in healthy lifestyles even as they undertake their training.

Continuing professional development and specialised training: Through the Continuous Professional Development Department (CPD) the School undertakes; a.Tailor-made courses for private and public sector clients. The Department has previously developed curriculum and trained on Public Prosecution skills, Corporate
Governance amongst others. b.General courses on emerging legal issues like Competition Law, Legal Audits, and Public Private Partnerships amongst other.

Consultancies, Projects and Research The School undertakes; i.Consultancies in public and private sectors. The School is the lead consultant in Kenya for Legal Audits having extensively undertaken consultancies and assisted clients in development of Legal Audit Tools. ii.Research, on its own volition or for clients on various pertinent and emerging areas of law, the research is used to inform legal practise trends and legislation.

Para-Legal Training The School has a Diploma in Law (Para-Legal Studies) Programme. The Programme is located in Town for ease of access, as many of the students are also engaged in other income generating activities. The programme is tailored for persons who would like to acquire legal knowledge and skills requisite for effective legal support services to advocates, county assemblies, national assembly and other public and private actors.

Private Public Partnerships The School engages with public and private partners in the furtherance of its mandate under the Act. The mutually beneficial engagements have resulted in jointly developed curricula, training manuals and trainings.

Hospitality. The School offers; a. Accommodation and conference facilities. b. A swimming pool, sauna and running track. c. Grounds for private and corporate events.

Kenya School of Law,
Off Langata South Road,
P.O BOX 30369-00100, NAIROBI /
EMAIL: lawschool@ksl.ac.ke